Safety Tips
Don't believe everything
It's very easy for people to play different roles when they are in a Flirt Room. So don't believe all that you are told! Be careful who you trust. Online friends are really strangers.

Be very careful about the personal information you give out
A common question in flirt rooms is "ASL" or Age, Sex, Location. If asked, you should be very careful. Remember you don't really know them. Do not give your location as a street or even suburb, give it as a city or country.

Be as general as possible & don't give out your phone number or email to anyone.

Choose to leave
If you don't feel comfortable in a flirt, choose to leave.

Use your nickname
Don't ever give out your full name. Use a nickname, use a new one every time if you want!

Change flirt partners
Remember don't feel pressured or bullied in a flirt. You can change flirt partners at any stage.

Have fun!
This product is about having fun & communicating. Relax & enjoy meeting new people, just remember to use your common sense while doing so!
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