Updating your profile can help you find a Flirt more easily.

If you want to change your Profile Photo, visit the full screen photo page in "My Profile / Photos" section and press the "Set as Avatar" link or use "Edit Profile" link on "My Profile" page.

Update your Details (Nickname, Age and Gender) by visiting the "Settings / My Profile" section.

You can choose an eye-catching Pickup Line to bring in more Flirts, or set your Starsign to reveal what the heavens say about you.
Both are seen everywhere people can see your Profile sheet, so you should try out your best line and see if you get lucky - just visit "Settings / My Profile" section.

If you get tired of typing out the same thing in every Flirt, set up some shortcuts with "Settings / Flirt" section and get the most out of your Flirt time.

Nice & Naughty markers
After a flirt session ends, both users are given an opportunity to rate the partner based on their in-flirt activity: either nice or naughty. These ratings are collected and the one with the biggest count is shown on the profile page - which in turn helps other users to somewhat anticipate how the flirt will turn out.

Profile Status
Depending on a user activity, there are several possible statuses for his profile:
  • Offline - User is offline and can not be requested to flirt.
  • Online - User is online and available for flirt request.
  • Inactive - User is online, however has not performed any actions for some time, most likely he is afk and incoming flirt requests will timeout.
  • Flirting - User is already flirting, you will have to wait to be able to send him flirt request.
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