What is Moderation?
To increase safety, we review public text and photos as they are posted, identifying unacceptable content & taking appropriate action.

Why was my Image Rejected?
Images are rejected for a number of reasons. Some of these include:
  • Children Under 18yo;
  • Non photo images or photos without visible face or bad quality photos;
  • Pornography / Sexually Explicit;
  • Post edited photos (with visual effects, texts, frames etc);
  • Weapons, Drugs or Violence;
  • Prejudicial or Shock images;
  • Copyright or Spam.

Why do we Moderate Photos?
The photo monitoring helps keep content safe without spoiling the fun.
If you see a photo that you feel violates community decency, click the "Report Photo" link on the page and an administrator will deal with the issue.

What is the acceptable age for using this product?
We recommend that users are over the age of 18.

My nickname or message was censored. Why?
We also censor messages & nicknames. Your nickname or message may have contained a censored word so the offending word/phrase would have been deleted.

How long will I be blocked for?
Some users may be blocked from the service due to submitting inappropriate content. Blocks may be reviewed after their activation. Any serious breaches (refer to the Terms & Conditions) will remain permanently blocked.
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